Fall Update

We sent our last update on July 2, which seems like ages ago instead of just 3 months. If you missed it you can read it posted below. The shorter version, though, is that the Lord directed us in March of '07 to sell our home, get rid of our stuff, and be available...we have been in that place now since June 15 of this year.

Also in that time he brought us into relationship with ChildReach Ministries and the work that they are doing in Peru. The mission of ChildReach is to be doers of the word, and not hearers only...by practicing true religion...to look after the widows and orphans and not to be corrupted by the world (James 1). God has done an amazing work in our own hearts as we have served those in extreme poverty and worshiped alongside our Peruvian brothers and sisters.

When we left for our July mission project we didn't know what our next step was for sure, but on that trip the Lord made it clear to both of us that we need to step out in faith this January. He continued to reveal His heart for justice for the poor to us and to remind us of His ultimate purpose...all nations standing around His throne worshiping Him. We heard Him whisper, PREPARE, begin studying the language of these people with whom I have put you in relationship. Do this in Peru where those relationships can continue to grow. "Follow me...". It sounded so loud.

To be honest the "follow me", although loud, seems a bit ambiguous and scary. Especially in light of the fact that our first grandson, William James Schutz, was just born on September 5th. I (Tony Kay) have been telling the Lord that if He wants me to leave my first grandchild it better be as important as an unreached people group or something :-). His response..."Do you treasure Me above all things?"..."Yes, Lord, and when I am afraid I will trust in You."

Now it is time to begin support raising and we have been praying for guidance on how the Lord would have us go about that. One of the greatest lessons that we both have learned these last few years is that life is best lived in community. We desire the fellowship of our brothers and sisters as we go. We hope and pray that authentic relationships will be the foundation of our support team...we will need intercessors, encouragers, and financial givers.

Will you please pray specifically for these needs?

Daily steps over the next couple of months
The Lord's will for our pre-field mission's training
Grace in learning the language!!!!
Provision for our monthly living expenses (~$1500)
Churches who will partner with us and send teams
Our neighbors (communities) in Chilca, Peru (see photos of the July projects)
ChildReach 2010 mission teams
basement living

basement living

sweeping away sin

sweeping away sin