Last week I laughed when reading Numbers 33. Moses records the Israelites moving in the wilderness, he repeats forty-seven times, "And they journeyed from...and camped at..." Good grief! Remind me not to grumble about moving three times to get to our new home in Peru. We fly out on March 31st!

The LORD has confirmed more about what our role will look like with ChildReach. Our hearts have felt strongly that we were to "come alongside His people in Peru to reach out to the poor and fatherless" as we have written to you. His love has been in us urging to support, encourage, and love the children, and also those who give so much to serve them. We have been asked to shepherd the programs and leadership teams in Peru and Ecuador. His leading humbles us.

And so...we will be in Peru for only four days before we make our first trip to Quito, Ecuador, on April 4th. We will be visiting Nuevos Amigos, a ChildReach program which serves over 100 children living in extreme poverty. Their ages range from 2 − 7. ChildReach is reaching them by providing an education, school supplies, vitamins, and clothing. We are excited to meet the children, their teachers, and other care-takers. We will return to Peru on April 12th, move into our apartment, and spend a couple of weeks getting settled before beginning language school.

These last days have been sweet in many ways, but not without "panic" moments. God has been a strong tower for us, urging us to rest and abide in Him. We knew we would have to learn a new "dance", working/serving together 24/7. There has been some toe-stepping during our "lessons", but we are beginning to get the rhythm :-). Again, we thank you for your prayer.

And last, we want to give testimony to God's provision! It is because of a large corporate donation and several one-time donations we were able to schedule our leave date. Thank you, friends, for the encouragement your gifts bring. We are still praying that our monthly pledge need will be provided. Partnership of this kind is foundational to ChildReach and our ability to serve with them and rescue children.

We are very anxious to share more testimony of His faithfulness and stories of His precious children with you and are planning on beginning to use our weblog weekly (this will feed into facebook notes, too).


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