Meeting Ecuador

We arrived in Ecuador late Monday night, April 12th. Jim was sick with fever and stomach issues. We are staying at the guest house of a missions organization called HCJB that has been in Ecuador for many years. They have both a radio network and a couple of hospitals so far a we have learned.

On Tuesday we met with the couple that started the Nuevos Amigos Christian School (NACS) here in Quito and then went on to get our first look at the school straight up the side of a mountain. Here, as in Peru, the less you have...the further you have to climb. Thankfully, we took a taxi. This is the community


the children who attend the school live in. There is a preschool and early

elementary at NACS serving almost 100 children. The school is spotlessly clean and run with amazing order and peace. Each the day

the children at least one hot meal, vitamins, and a snack. In addition to an education they are also taught health and hygiene habits. On Wednesday we were back at the school for a board meeting. Most of

the board are Ecuadorian natives, including a lawyer and an accountant. The school principal gave a report of the year and we learned many things.

Thursday we were taken around Quito to learn the city and its needs. There is definitely more infrastructure here, than in Peru, but in all the oppression of the poor leaves hopeless faces everywhere. For fun we did go to a monument to the equator and stood with one foot on each side :-).

Friday morning we were asked to attend a program at the school. Each class, from two year


olds to second grade, sang songs and danced and showed off their English for us. We were given wonderful little handmade gifts by the children. Also as in Peru, all children wear uniforms to school. I am not sure what class this was, but they were singing

Rise and Shine and Give God the Glory

in Spanish :-).

Today we are catching up on email and just trying to collect our thoughts.

With all good things come the work and the opportunities for improvement. While battling the physical issues, and just the normal changes, weariness can set in quick. Each night seemed to be full of restless sleep, and not much of it. The volume of political hurdles that must be overcome just to get a child to school in this country, which is everyday making moves toward friendship with Chavez, is tremendous.

O Lord, may you continue to encourage our hearts to fights against all injustice. May we remember that it is not our war, but Yours. May we remember these are Your children, and the fight is not against issues, governments, or even for social justice, but the fight for individuals...sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, moms and dads. More so, you demand of us that love you to share with those who have not. May we be obedient, regardless of the cost.

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