in returning & rest

in returning & rest

Coming in. 
Returning. returning. returning.
Not just one turn to get there. 
Coming in, resting,
Before going out. 
Getting closer.
Where was I?
Not close enough.
And you say.
Talk to me. 
No admonition.
Just Spirit voice.
In a moment
I take a deeper breath
than I have for…how long?

In returning and rest,
Is your salvation. 

And I feel again.
A release.
A seeping away. 

I know this place,
A court.
I would rather be there,
Than 10,000 days elsewhere.
I have been there before.
I am returning. 

Here I come.
I want to run,
But it doesn't work.
I can’t run back.
I have to walk.
I'm not sure how. 

I have tried travel maps,
Tried to use them in returning.
But in the end I know.
My Teacher has taught me.
My Teacher whom I have seen. 

Don’t waste energy
trying to find the best route.
Don’t get distracted
looking for shortcuts.
Just cry out.
Cry out to me. 

No words yet,
For crying out.
Cling and groan,
Not a pretty picture,
But I can do that. 
I hear you.
There is nothing
to figure out. 

Not in my own strength,
Will I be returning.
But carried.
And my eyes
Will see
The King in his beauty.

You are beautiful beyond description!
Too marvelous for words! Waiting.

You never left me.
I did not shrink back
From walking in faith
For the honor of Your Name. 

Transitions come.
I am confident,
In You.
This journey
was ordered by You. 

Loving Father,
Gracious Father,
I am grateful. 

I remember.
We have done this
Before and I am smiling.
Hi, Teacher.
What is it
I need to remember
or learn
about you?
I will wait.
You will show me.
And we will dance together. 

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